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Clean Slate is designed to protect ublic access computers from malicious or inexperienced Users. Clean Slate is easy to use and takes minutes to install onto the necessary PCs, requiring no future attention, meaning no extra cost for support!
How does Clean Slate Work?
Clean Slate returns the PC to its original state when the PC is either rebooted or logged off. Meaning Clean Slate restores the computer to its original configuration, deleting all previous user changes; including restoring unnecessary deleted files, re-installing the original software and removing all Computer threats such as viruses and Trojan horses. All in all, once the PC has been configured, it will remain in this constant state upon re-start!
Clean Slate actually prevents the original files from ever being modified. Instead, Clean Slate caches all unwanted changes in a folder which is hidden and protected from all users, then when the computer is rebooted or a user logs off, Clean Slate simply discards the cached changes and returns the computer to it original configuration
Clean Slate automatically updates the computer with Windows Updates requiring no additional effort from the administrator. These Windows Critical Updates are vital to protect not only the computer being updated, but also other computers connected with this computer throughout the local network and beyond. There’s no need to leave the Computer on overnight and there’s no possibility of downtime as Clean Slate works automatically without the user having knowledge its being done! These security updates are stored by Clean Slate and are restored on each reboot meaning the PC only needs to upload these updates once! Clean Slate makes it easy to be a responsible Internet citizen by keeping all of your computers updated with the latest security patches. Again it requires nothing of you but to install Clean Slate.
Clean Slate security goes beyond just clearing unwanted changes; you can also block programs from running. While in the Clean Slate configuration screen, you are able to select the programs you require blocked and once configured the programs cannot be accessed!! Clean Slate can also block unwanted programs from the internet and removable media such as USB keys and CDs, meaning any valuable data kept on the PC cannot be removed illegally.
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