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Fortres 101 is a security feature which resides on the Computer and is invisible to the user. Every action carried out on that PC is quietly monitored to determine if the action is permitted or not. This prevents Users downloading applications which are not required or necessary to the PCs wellbeing.
System Force I.T is only one of two companies who are able to distribute Fortres Grand Software to the businesses and educational establishments of the UK.
Fortres 101 is the solution to any malicious or accidental destruction to Computers allowing one system administrator to monitor and configure every PC which the program is installed on.
  • Supports Windows Vista/2000/XP
  • Complete security from malicious or inexperienced users
  • Always find the Windows desktop looking the same
  • New software cannot be installed without your authorization
  • Eliminate all virus downloads
  • Protection from users browsing the hard drive
  • Guarantee file placement, files will never be renamed, deleted, or moved
  • Your computer will remain free from downloads and software installations, including spyware and adware
  • The computer can only be used in the way you intended
  • Only programs you allow can be used
  • Print configurations are consistent
  • Multiple levels of administrative access determined by username and password
  • Easily restrict or allow printing
  • Automatically configures itself to allow common programs to run normally without Fortres 101 interference
  • Perfect for computer Kiosks
  • Be confident the default home page in a Web browser is the one you set
  • Know computer users cannot install or use malicious files or programs from a remote or removable drive
  • Easily restrict access for an administrative logon
  • Your computers are safe from unwanted programs and files being used and installed from removable media and remote drives
  • Removes your chore of re-imaging or cleaning a computer
  • You can be confident users only access the Web pages you allow
  • You can block access to specific Web sites
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