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System Force IT are proud to announce Layer 4 VPN Systems for point to point SDSL VPN’s.
What is Layer 4 ?
The Transport layer in the OSI model.It provides end-to-end connections across the network. An example of a Layer 4 protocol is TCP. Below the transport layer, each protocol operates in both end stations and intermediate network nodes. Transport-layer (and higher) protocols operate only in end stations. Typical Layer 4 services include guaranteed delivery of data across a network, and segmentation of large messages into packets small enough to be handled by the lower-layer protocols.
What this will mean is having two sites that need to talk to each other, both having System Force IT’s SDSL system installed; once setup, the routers on each site will only talk to each other. This will create a bidirectional tunnel between the sites, making data transfer secure and reliable.
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