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System Force’s Store I.T.: Your Answer to Offsite Backup
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What will happen should the following happen to your Office?
  Flood, Freak Weather
How much will your company lose and would your company recover from such a disaster?
Research shows that corporate and personal data can all too easily be lost, corrupted, stolen or deleted. The outcome can be catastrophic. IDC and the DTI estimate that 60% of all data is held on PC’s. Seven out of ten companies go out of business after a major data loss. Every year, 10% of laptops are stolen and 15% suffer hardware failure.
The Answer? Store I.T. - From System Force I.T.
With System Force’s Store I.T, monthly, weekly or daily backups are stored remotely off-site on one of our Secure Storage Systems (SSS). After time you will have built up a few months worth of backups, this way should a rarely-used but important file go missing, it should be on one of the backups that are stored at System Force.
Should you require a backup or a file to be restored System Force will have the file on our SSS and therefore able to restore it and transfer it to your systems very quickly.