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OK, I want Store I.T., but how does it work?
On order, an engineer will be assigned to visit your site. During this visit the engineer will install and setup the external storage device (ESD). Once completed the engineer will show you how to disconnect and reconnect the ESD to your System.
While onsite the engineer will copy your current backup setup to replicate the backup to the ESD, at this point you will choose whether you would like the backup to the ESD done daily, weekly or monthly, then depending on your choice, the engineer will decide with you which day is best for you to ship the ESD back to System Force.
Once the ESD has arrived at System Force, the data will be scanned for viruses and then copied onto the SSS. Once done, the ESD will be wiped and sent back to the customers premises for re-installation by the customer (it is only connecting a few cables!).
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