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All services are available at the following costs:
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Over 3TB Please call for details:
Please note the above prices do not include transfer of storage device to and from site; it is up to the customer to return the storage device (ESD) to System Force. System Force will return the ESD to the customer via courier and costs (currently £9 + VAT) will be invoiced to the customer. The costs do include installation of the backup device for the first backup only. The above costs are for Data stored on the SSS; for instance if your backup is GB per month and you have 12 months backups stored you will be charged £35 + VAT PCM as you have 12 GB stored. Deletion of data stored on the SSS is at customers request; this can be done via email by the authoritative contact of the customer. When your allocated storage level has been depleted you will be sent an email to which you must respond, and choose from one of the following options: a) delete some backups/files or b) increase your storage allocation.
Please Contact System Force I.T for a more in-depth quote for all your IT needs.
  • Contract is for 12 months, automatically rolling over.
  • Payment is monthly in advance by standing order.
  • Lost or missing ESD’s will be invoiced to the customer.